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Dinner Menu Benvenuti e Buon Appetito


Garlic Pizza Bread | Herb Pizza Bread


Olive Pizza Bread


Cheese Pizza Bread


Greek Salad $9.5


Italian Salad


Greek Salad $9.5



~ Many of our pasta dishes can be made Gluten Free – please ask ~


Layers of Homemade pasta sheets, ground beef in bechamel sauce with Napoletana sauce

Vegetarian Lasagna

Layers of Homemade pasta sheets, mushrooms and spinach in bechamel sauce with Napoletana sauce

Fettuccine Prosciutto

Napoletana and cream sauce with ham and parmigiano

Fettuccine Smoked Chicken

Smoked Chicken and mushroom in a white wine, garlic and tomato cream sauce with parmigiano

Fettuccine Salmone

Creamy sauce with smoked salmon, capers, garlic, white wine and parmigiano

Fettuccine Vegetariana

Cream and tomato sauce with mushrooms, spinach, olives, capsicum, garlic and parmigiano


Mushroom filled ravioli in a tomato cream sauce with parmigiano

Spaghetti Mamma Rosa

Spicy tomato sauce with bacon, garlic, chilli and parmigiano

Spaghetti Bolognese

Traditional Italian ground beef ragu with spaghetti and parmigiano

Spaghetti Carbonara

Creamy sauce with bacon and parmigiano

Spaghetti Puttanesca

Olives, anchovies and capers in a Napoletana tomato sauce with chilli and parmigiano


Gluten free gnocchi in a Napoletana sauce with basil and parmigiano

Spaghetti Al Pollo Picante

Roast Chicken, capsicum and olives in a lightly spiced tomato cream sauce with parmigiano

~ All main courses are served with vegetables ~



Classic Italian dolce made with layers of mascarpone, sponge, coffee and Marsala wine

Ice Cream Sundae


Mamma Rosa's Cheese Cake

Homemade lemon Cheesecake on a biscuit base

Only one account per table
BYO Wine Only – Corkage $3 per person | For tables of 10 or more, $5 per person
Minimum charge $20 per person